A strategic Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Maturity Readiness Assessment Platform enabling clients to achieve their organizational vision in the RPA and AI journey.

Today, data has become a strategic asset and organizations need to train, model and predict meaningful insights using Machine Learning Algorithms. However many organizations are struggling to fully understand how they can capitalize and get their data and processes to be ready for automation, RPAs and to start their AI journey. We are here to help your organization drive business value and fully capitalize on the automation and AI revolution.

Our taxonomic system determines the maturity level of your organization with respect to industry best practices data, automation, RPA and AI capabilities. Combination of our tool and our expertise will empower you to understand your organization’s current standing position on the maturity scoring scale.

Accelerate and simplify your Data, Skills and AI maturity readiness adoption by using our end-to-end automated and highly configurable tool based on industry best practices and organizational use cases.

Platform Offerings
* Data Maturity Readiness
* AI/ML Maturity Readiness
* Skills Assessment

Provides an evolutionary path to take your organization from ”Exploring” stage to “Mature” stage in 3 phases.

ElevateX - Maturity Readiness Assessment Toolkit

We are able to produce a customized attainable roadmap for your organization based on the existing gaps identified during the assessment phase to meet your business objectives. The output and deliverables will enable your organization to bridge the gaps of executive decision making to be better prepared and ready for automation, RPA deployment and fast-track AI adoption.

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